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L Argine
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    NFA L-ARGI+ is a pre-workout supplement for enhanced energy, strength, extreme vasodilation and muscle building. Taking L-ARGI+ for exercice and athletic performances can help increased blood flow to solicited muscles and tissues and by promoting the production of growth hormones. It is used to assist fat metabolism as well, working to produce lean well-toned muscles. L-arginine also increases endurance during athletic performances by intensifying blood flow and reducing exhaustion. The increased circulation lets more oxygen get to performing muscles to boost performance and enhance muscle development. L-ARGI+ is also effective for improving sexual performance by enhancing blood flow and increasing localized vasodilation.

    NFA L-ARGI+ for energy, endurance and the extreme feeling of nitric oxide fullness. NFA L-ARGI+ presents benefits to hard training athletes. Supplementing with Arginine may boost the immune system, thereby allowing the athlete to train harder and avoid the detrimental effects of minor illnesses associated with overtraining.

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