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4ever Fit

4ever Fit<br>Ephedrine<br>500+100Tabs<br>8mg
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*We No Longer Ship Ephederine Products to U.S.A. 
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4ever Fit: Ephedrine
In the past, Ephedrine has been used with caffeine and other ingredients in weight loss products to increase metabolism, energy levels and help curb appetite. Currenty by Canadian law we cannot sell any product that combines Ephedrine with caffeine, and we can only sell up to an 8 mg tab. Although many people combine 24mg of Ephedrine with 200mg of caffeine 2-3 times daily for sucessful weight loss results, we by law only suggest to use it as per the manufacturers instructions, not to exceed the daily recommended dose and as an oral nasal decongestant only. We take no responsibility for mis-use of this product.

Ephedrine can only be sold in Canada labelled as a "nasal decongestant". We are not allowed to recommend it as a weight loss product.


This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 10 September, 2015.
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