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Ultimate Nutrition
Vanadyl Sulfate
10 mg
150 tablets

Ultimate Nutrition<br>Vanadyl Sulfate<br>10 mg<br>150 tablets
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One of the most important aspects of muscle recovery after intense exercise is proper replenishment with micronutrients. "Micronutrients" is an umbrella term that includes vitamins and trace minerals. Minerals are inorganic nutrients; that is, nutrients that are not derived from living matter. Trace minerals, such as vanadium, are minerals that are present in foodstuffs at very low levels, and the human body requires them for its proper function in minuscule amounts. Vanadium fits this profile perfectly.

The role of vanadium in human health and disease began in earnest only in the late 1970s. The interest in vanadium was piqued in early 1980s when research showed that it regulates sugar levels in the blood. In fact, in some studies, vanadium was shown to lower sugar levels to well within the normal range.

It is known that disturbances in carbohydrate metabolism are corrected by essential trace elements. When people eat large amounts of carbohydrates, it can cause the sugar levels in the blood to increase. The large amounts of sugars are not cleared efficiently and promptly. That can increase the amounts of sugar, and may cause insensitivity to insulin. This can, and does, happen with advancing years as well, when the sugar is not properly and efficiently metabolized, which can cause a number of health problems. Increased sugar levels in the blood can chemically change the proteins in the blood so that they can not carry out their functions. These modified proteins become "hot spots" for free radicals. Therefore, it is necessary to keep sugar levels within the healthy range. Vanadium mimics insulin. That is, it controls the sugar levels in the blood.

By regulating the sugar levels, the use of vanadium as a nutritional supplement not only helps one win the battle of the bulge but also keep adult-onset diabetes under control. Weight gain and age-related diabetes are quite common in the aging population. Equally important, vanadium supplementation also helps athletes to maintain the levels of this essential trace mineral necessary for quick muscle recovery after high intensity workout.

Ultimate Nutrition's Vanadyl Sulfate is the nutritional supplement manufactured with an eye on the unique needs of both power athletes and the aging baby boomer to ensure good health.


What Foods Contain Vanadium?
Foods rich in vanadium include shellfish, mushrooms, parsley and black pepper. Beverages, fats and oils, and fresh fruits contain the least amount of vanadium, usually up to 5 micrograms per gram weight. A microgram is 1/1000th of a milligram.

What is the Difference Between Vanadium and Vanadyl Sulfate?
Vanadium is the element found in nature. Vanadyl sulfate, on the other hand, is a "salt" of vanadium, which is physiologically the more relevant form. In addition, the "salt" is much better absorbed than elemental vanadium.

What is the Daily Dosage of Vanadium?
The daily dose requirement may vary from individual to individual depending upon the extent to which vanadium must be replenished in the body for optimal health. On the average, for a normal individual of average size and in reasonably good health, the maximum daily dose should not exceed 10 mg at most. In cases of clinical deficiency, the advice of a healthcare provider should be sought.

What Are the Side Effects of Vanadium Supplementation?
In large amounts, vanadium can be toxic. For an individual of average size and weight, a daily dose not exceeding 10 mg should be safe. In case of any complicating factors or doubt, the primary care physician should be consulted. Among the mild side effects are diarrhea and loss of appetite. If these sign should appear with the minimum dosage, competent clinical care should be sought as soon as possible.

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